Thursday, December 2, 2010

To Flock, Or Not To Flock

This year a local tree stand is offering the option of a flocked christmas tree, presenting me with a new dilemma - to flock or not to flock.


  • I've never had one and really want one.
  • In fact, I have never even seen one up close.
  • My gold and crystal ornaments will sparkle beautifully.
  • I really really want one.

  • The tree is conceivably covered in chemicals (however, since there aren't any small children running around the house now might be the time to do it? Eh? Eh?).
  • Is it still biodegradable?
  • Might create a mess.


  1. I know we are not voting, but if we were I'd vote flock.

  2. Votes in favor of my ideas are always appreciated!