Saturday, June 18, 2011

New stuff

A month out from my birthday I've finally figured out a few large scheme things I would like to do during my 30's. Nothing to serious, just a few lofty (mostly travel related) goals:

  • Travel to the Arctic Circle.
  • Visit one of the three remaining continents that I haven't seen - Australia, Africa or Antarctica - Guy's choice.
  • Swim in the Mediterranean.
  • Go into a really deep cave - I've been in a salt mine and it was awesome, I want to do something like that again.
  • Learn to sail. This probably interests me most, but do to the cost I probably won't be doing it anytime soon.
I've cleared out the old things on the sidebar and put in some new things that I'm currently interested in trying. I did 8 of the things previously listed, which I will consider a success. I made sushi, volunteered, kayaked, ran an 8k, took an art class, swam in a swimming hole, made pretzels, and tried a new food (Ethiopian).


  1. Love these! But please don't post photos of you skinny dipping on the internerd. I see bad things happening...

    : O )

  2. I really enjoy exploring caves, they are such a cool (literally) place to wander about. Traveling to the Arctic Circle is a huge goal, I wish you the best of luck with that!

  3. I was just talking to someone abut the Arctic Circle the other day. What a great group of goals for this decade. Can't wait to see your progress.