Sunday, April 17, 2011


This was one of those trips where we walked, and walked, and walked; every single day we walked most everywhere. Our first day in London was the day our flight arrived. We landed at noon, and our goal was to stay up until evening to limit jet lag. So we headed out walking.
We left our hotel at King's Cross and walked with no particular destination in mind. After about an hour we ended up in Trafalgar Square - this is looking back towards St. Martin's in the Field.

The Admiralty House on St. James's Park. We ended up walking down to the river and circling back through Covent Garden.

On our return trip to London we visited: Parliment, Big Ben, West Minster Abbey, and the London Eye before walking on to Buckingham Palace and Harrods.
We didn't go into Westminster Abbey because it cost $16 Pounds a person, or about $25 US, which would have been $50 for the two of us. I understand the need to charge something to protect this historical place, but this is ridiculous. This price effectively prevents many people from experiencing something of such great historical significance. $100 For a family of four? Comparatively, Notre Dame - free.
The weather was gorgeous and everything was blooming. St. James's Park from the other end.

The garden's near Buckingham Palace were all planted and readied for the wedding. I couldn't help myself I bought my mom and I cheesy commemorative mugs.

At Harrod's we poked around ohhing and ahhing and stopped for hot chocolate at the Chocolate Bar. From left to right I had: dark chocolate, orange chocolate and white chocolate.

Our hotel was right next to the Tower Bridge - every day from our room this was our view (except from the other side).

One good thing with all the walking was the balancing effect it had on all the food we were eating. Lunch one day: fried fish, fried shrimp, chips, mashed potatoes, sausage, and two meat pies with gravy.


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  2. Beautiful trip! Can't wait to see Paris!

  3. I'm not a chocolate fan, but I'm a fruit fan so this orange chocolate intrigues me!

    Love the picture looking across the water. So pretty!