Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jet Lag

I have a simple and, for me, effective method of overcoming jet-lag. When I arrive somewhere I stay up all day without napping, go to bed early but only once it is actually night. I do the same thing on returning home. I know rocket science, huh?

Our flight home was perfect we landed at 11pm local time, went home, went to bed and woke up yesterday feeling good. I crashed early (9pm) yesterday and was out until 12:30am when I got a call that I my sis-in-law was being taken to the emergency room. Since I'm not working I was the one that hustled on over there and patiently waited with her until she was discharged at 6:30. It ended up being a false alarm and she is fine so I feel like I can be a little crabby about the fact that because I stayed up all night my body is totally out of whack now and can't decide if it is on Pacific Standard or UK time. Day or night? My body has no idea any more and it is not happy.

This is sort of how I feel right now.


  1. Jetlag is the pits. The older I get, the more it messes with me. I try to do the opposite of you..I sleep the whole first day, and wake up bright and early the next day. I know I waste a day, but it helps so much. Four or five years ago, I went to England to visit my friend and I was so wired, I didn't sleep the whole first day. Two days later we went to go see the musical Chicago, and I fell asleep the whole time. LAME.

  2. I usually will do so good at fighting jetlag when I go somewhere that my body revolts when I come back home and I'm a mess for several days! Welcome back!!

  3. Me too! My body was not my friend for the first 5 days of being home.