Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Something New: Knit a Hat

I've finally knit something that isn't a lumpy rectangle - a hat! I've been reading a lot of knitting blogs lately and wanted to get in on the knitting action. I'm pretty pleased with the results, it's a tad small and a little short but it's a good first effort. I only dropped two stitches and it happened when I transferred the project from the circular needles to the pointed ones at the end.

When I went to pick up yarn for Guy's beanie I found this color changing sparkly yarn for myself. It will probably also end up a hat since that seems to be the extent of my range right now.

Continuing with my gray picture scheme, here is a picture from our snow "storm" last week. While it might not look like much to you East Coasters, it's enough to close school for the day in the northwest! I think it will be our lone snow fall for the season so I took a long walk in it.


  1. Looks great! Hats are a great place to get started when you are learning.

  2. That picture is so great and matches the sparkly yarn perfectly.