Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Unemployment in Three Weeks

Despite being unemployed for 8 weeks, I've been officially not-working for three weeks. Here is how the last three weeks have shaken out:

Week 1

I run around like a madwomen attempting to get everything under the sun done. I workout everyday and decorate like mad. The tree is decorated, the house is cleaned, wreaths are made, new meals are prepared, stuffed animals are sewn, gifts are purchased and wrapped. I am productive.

Week 2

Melancholy sets in. I sit around the house doing nothing - hours disappear and I have no idea what I have done with my time. Fun-employment is anything but. What's so great about being home alone? Everyone I know is working. It's not like I get to go out to brunch and gossip or shop with friends everyday.

Week 3 - This week

Bootstraps are pulled up. I come to the obvious realization that I know a ton of people and that I need to start networking, both to occupy my time and to get a job. I start contacting people. In 24 hours I line up a networking happy hour, an arbitration to sit in on, and attend a lady lawyers lunch. Once again I feel productive.

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  1. Your tree looks incredible! I have nothing but good feelings on your productive Week 4. :)