Sunday, October 3, 2010

Doing Stuff

Based on the quality, and frequency, of my blog posts it would appear that I have nothing of interest to talk about or that my life is completely devoted to sewing. In fact loads of interesting stuff is going on over here, I am just too lazy to write about it. As of last Thursday I am now unemployed (not from my own doing). I left my old job with much fanfare and with the confidence of knowing that if my replacement hadn't been hired 6 months ago, my boss would have been happy to keep me around.

Because of my newly found unemployment I am now able to work as a volunteer doing a job I've always wanted. I will probably be working harder and longer hours for free then I have in the last two years for pay. An older woman I met at a party last night, who was dressed like a hooker, told me that she gets "feelings" and that she had a "good feeling" about my volunteer job. Finger's crossed that she is right.

I'm taking a pottery class once a week, but I won't cross it off my list until I have a finished item in my hot little hands.

I'm going to California this week for my cousin's wedding and to visit relatives. I've been to LA dozens of times but have never done the touristy things, like seeing the Walk of Fame. My mom and I are going to spend a day being tourists in the city she grew up in and I am pretty excited about that.

I'm attempting to sew a stuffed animal to include in a baby gift, and I am also planning on using the remaining fabric to make myself a shirt. I'll leave it to your imagination what sort of fabric could serve both purposes.

See, I'm still here and busy.


  1. How are you liking the pottery class? I took wheel pottery for six months or so about two years ago and decided it wasn't really my thing. It's sooo freaking hard! And a little too messy for me.