Thursday, August 19, 2010

Try Something New: Go Kayaking

Do you ever have that feeling that you are going to like something, like really really like it. And then you try it and you like it so much that you go out that week and buy it so you can do it the next weekend? Well that was us and kayaking. We rented inflatable kayaks and went out with two friends who own kayaks. We packed a cooler of food and a cooler of beer and headed out to their favorite run. It was fantastic, the scenery was beautiful. Over five hours we saw only a handful of people, all of whom were fishing. We stopped on some rocks for lunch and fish swam around our boats. And to top it off there were just enough rapids to keep things interesting.

The next weekend we took another trip, which was fairly uneventful but enjoyable. And that leads me to last weekend . . . where we chose one of the hottest days of the year to go out on what turned out to be the favorite river of the cities trashiest people. Yay! Ignoring the fact that I will likely never return to this run, I did something that was also on my something new list . . . swim in a swimming hole. As we were kayaking we came across a sandy cove that was in a U-shaped offshoot of the river. We parked the boats and hoped out for a swim. I might have to try for another swimming hole that is a little more secluded.

All in all: midge + kayaks = true love.

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