Thursday, April 8, 2010

5 Things Thursday

  1. How have I just heard of The Kitchn. Recipe, tips and design all rolled into one?!?! Perfect.
  2. I'm reading The Best American Short Stories, 2009 Edition. I would recommend it.
  3. I have yet to master hard boiling eggs.
  4. The Easter Bunny gave me a heated eye lash curler in my Easter basket and as far as I can tell it does absolutely nothing.
  5. This weekend I am going to the arcade with my 11-year old nephews.


  1. I love the BASS collection :)

  2. My fool-proof hard boiled egg method is to put the eggs in a pot with plenty of water (if you crowd the pot it won't work), bring to a hard boil, then pull off of the heat and let sit (covered) for about 15 minutes. Perfect eggs every time. (It's awesome, too, because they can't really overcook even if you forget about them during that waiting-15-minutes part...) If that doesn't work, you may just be cursed. =)

  3. See, Emmo, that's MY method, too, and it usually works. I think that's what Midge did, but we messed it up somehow.

  4. I think I don't bring it to a hard boil. Once it starts going I shut it off. I think I might have to try again this week!