Thursday, March 17, 2011

Something New: Run an 8k

This was probably the most daunting item on my list, 5 miles?!?!?! That is seriously a looooooong way. Longer then I ever imagined being able to run in one go. And far longer then I have ever managed to run. Last year I got myself able to complete the 5k, but those extra kilometers???? Yikes - they seemed daunting!

This fall I joined a team that is running the Hood to Coast Relay - that starts at Mt. Hood and runs a 197 miles to the coast. Each team member has three legs to run which vary from 4 -7 miles. All three of my legs are going to be 5+ miles so I figured now was the time to start training.

This was the first 8k I ever attempted, and as I said before it seemed daunting. I started doing long runs once a week in January, alternating between walking and jogging for an hour. Slowly the walking portions started getting smaller and smaller. My goal for this race was to 1) finish, and 2) keep to a slower pace that I will use for all three legs of Hood to Coast. And . . . I did it! I finished the race in less than an hour, averaging a 11:48 mile. At the beginning I was passed by a number of people because of my slow pace, but it sure felt good at mile 3+ to be maintaining the pace I started at and passing all the runners who started out to fast and had to walk.

In the end I was very surprised (and proud) with myself and felt like I could have gone farther (which is good since I will have to in a few months). All in all - Success - so much so that I have signed up for another race!

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  1. Wow congratulations on this! What a great accomplishment!!!!