Monday, May 3, 2010

Bianca's Big Day

Yesterday was a big day for the little beast. I came home in the afternoon to find her lying on the front porch looking pretty pleased with herself. It turns out that she had caught a mouse (her first time catching anything that I am aware of) and brought it home to us; an early birthday present for Guy or as my friend announced, Bianca was doing her part to help the family out during these tough economic times. Later in the evening she appeared with a bloody scratch across her nose after having chased another cat out of our yard and across the street.

This morning I saw her tearing across the yard after another mouse and this time I intervened. It's one thing for her to bring little gifts to us, but I don't really want to sit by and watch her kill the little guys. Frankly, I didn't even know that we had any mice in the area for her to catch.

So what would you do - let the mighty huntress have her way, or intervene and save a little mouse's life?

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