Thursday, March 11, 2010

Something New: Eat Spam

This wasn't on my "list" of things to try per se, but when presented with the opportunity to sample this mystery meat I decided to go for it - seriously it's about time I did something new. I present to you . . . Spam Musubi

Spam on rice, wrapped in seaweed. We went for Hawaiian barbecue a few weeks ago and decided to try Spam Musubi as an appetizer. I'm not sure if you knew this but spam and Hawaii seem to get along quite nicely. The verdict: not altogether unpleasant, but salty, very very salty.


  1. Heh. Yeah... I think "salty" is almost the whole point...

    I've never actually had Spam, which is sort of shocking given how much I love ham-like meat products and salt. I'll have to get on that one of these days. =)

  2. Oh I've seen that before in Japan! It's kinda blech to me. My MIL keeps spam in her pantry and I saw alot of people buying it at the supermarkets in the Philippines. Dunno what the deal is with spam over there.

  3. I think I might limit my future spam consumption to when I'm in Hawaii!

  4. I like SPAM! I don't eat it b/c its gross (random meat parts squished into a can) but I actually like the way it tastes.